Friday, November 25, 2011


We are down to the final week and all is tracking according to schedule. We are prepping and painting the aluminum pergola/Trellis elements through the weekend and will be installing those on Tuesday.

Richard from Phoenix polishes and preps the trellis for the paint shop.
A section of the trellis with primer applied.

The washer and gas-fired dryer have arrived

Five flat screens – Audiophile will be installing these along with the integrated speaker system. More on that next week.

Kyle of Ironshore Contractors begins the installation of the bamboo flooring in the Livingroom - it is a three-step process when installed correctly (when you are starting with a perfectly level floor, as we are here). First the floor must be meticulously cleaned and then a layer of Urethane Membrane is applied to the concrete floor as a moisture barrier – this is critical in ground-floor applications. That is the surface that Kyle is kneeling on in the picture. You can see him here applying the urethane-based glue to the prepared floor.

Note the clamp and strapping system used to ensure a tight fit between the floorboards