Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Brad has not been out to the home site since last Tuesday and we have made significant progress on both the second floor and the swimming pool – he is going to love this visit!

“That was not here last time I looked out the Master bedroom window!" This is going to be a nice view to wake up to!  I am really impressed with the progress Phoenix has made in only six weeks – we are way ahead of where we were in the same time on my last building project!” Brad Watts

Brad looking out from the second floor Media Room. “I am getting my first idea of the massing of the home – a very exciting point in the project." It is good to fully understand the relationship of the rooms to one another now as well – I am very pleased with the feel of this home thus far!

The guys from Oasis Pools have been very busy over the past weekend. Good guys to work with as have been the whole Phoenix team to date – totally professional, always available to answer questions, explore new ideas.....this is actually enjoyable.

Friday, July 22, 2011


The showhome has a small second floor, which will house a media room (Man Cave for Brad!) and an office for Trisha....she works while he plays!

The floor trusses are in for the second floor and up go the first two courses of foam block.

The home entry begins to take shape

James Bussey, from Oasis Pools supervises as the formwork starts to go in for the pool. We are quite excited by this pool - it has some terrific features that we will point out as the construction progresses.

Our first look at the home and the pool from the water side! The elevated section on the right hand side is the Master Bedroom.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Topping Off

Concrete is pumped into the top course of block, completing the ground floor wall system of the home. Hurricane strapping is encased in the concrete at this stage to eventually be fastened to the roof structurals, creating a single unit out of the walls and the roof.

Final detailing ensures a neat finish to the top of the walls.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Taking Shape

The outline shape of the home now becomes apparent.

Concrete is pumped into the wall cavities

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Going Vertical

The foam block materials arrive. We are pleased to be using this Flowers Foam Products once again for a number of reasons:

ICF have been used for many years around North America and are approved for the most stringent building codes and adverse weather conditions. Leading edge manufacturing techniques now make ICF locally affordable to mass market builders and homeowners.


For more information on Flowers Foam Products Please click on the link below:

The concept for the ICF construct is simple. Flowers Foam Products connected together though webs. Once the blocks are stacked and the reinforcement steel put in place, concrete is poured through the middle of each foam block. This gives the effect of a reinforced concrete wall, cased in 5” thick Styrofoam. Essentially ICF has replaced traditional wall insulation. An ICF building is not only energy efficient but also hurricane resistant.

Energy Efficient
Reduce your energy costs by 15 – 20 %. Dwellings built with Flowers Foam Products exterior walls are less expensive to heat and cool. Monthly utility costs will be reduced over their lifetime, which translates into ongoing savings.
Fire Retardant
Flames do not pass through walls built with concrete as quickly as woodframe walls. During fire-resistance tests, it took flames 3 to 4 hours to pass through concrete-formed walls, compared to just 30 minutes for wood-frame walls. The Flowers Foam Products building system also has the added safety feature of certified type-2 fire-retardant EPS insulation.
Hurricane Resilient
Built to withstand Category 5 hurricanes (as proven in Ivan)
Sound Resistant
Flowers Foam Products walls significantly reduce the amount of outside noise penetration, making for a quieter interior environment.
Flexibility in Design
The versatility of the Flowers Foam Products building system allows builders to create beautifully designed structures with curves, angles and any shape imaginable. They can be completed with any number of different finishes to enhance their beauty, such as siding, brick, stucco or stone.
Improved Air Quality
Solid insulated concrete walls provide a highly effective barrier against outside air infiltration. Airtight dwellings, properly ventilated, reduce dust and allergens, such as pollen.
Healthier Buildings
The Flowers Foam Products block cavities are filled with solid concrete and the resulting wall assembly is not conducive to the growth of mold or mildew. They provide no nutritional value for pests such as termites, which can cause extensive damage in walls made of wood.
Peace and Quiet
  Flowers Foam Products walls significantly reduce the amount of outside noise penetration, making for a quieter interior environment.

The first course of ICF walls are installed on the bedroom wing of the house.


Forms, called “door and window bucks” are installed for the major openings in the home.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th!

Just another work day in the Cayman Islands though!

A vapor barrier and rebar is now laid in for what will soon be the slab for the home. Plywood perimeter forms provide the outside dimensions of the slab.  With the plumbing and electrical inspections now complete it is time to call for concrete!

The garage floor is underway.

A vibrator is used to make sure that the concrete settles into all the corners. When used properly, it also ensures that air bubbles in the concrete are forced out before it dries, making the concrete much stronger and smoother.

Once the concrete is placed and vibrated Troy directs the concrete finishing crew to smooth (screed) the concrete before its final trowelling and detailing.

It is the end of a long and labour-intense day but we have an excellent result. We will keep this new slab moist for the next few days to allow a slow curing of the concrete (to minimize cracking) and then we will be able to start with the walls of the home. Great job Phoenix!