Friday, March 18, 2011

Intro To Woods

Of course now that we are designing mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems we will need to tell the designers what we are using for plumbing and lighting fixtures (the AC guys are already off and running!). This will tell them what the power loads will be like, where we need current and data, where the drains will be and all the critical information that will make sure there are no changes when the fixtures and fitting show up.

                                                     Keith Miller is ready to go!

We cannot stress enough how important this phase of the design is – if there is an area in the buildout where a lot of unnecessary time and money is spent it is here! Communication between the designer, the interior designer and the building team must be crystal clear, checked and double checked again.
Seems like the right time to introduce the Interior design team right?

Owned and operated by a local Caymanian family since 1961, Woods Furniture & Design has long been recognized as a leading furniture retailer in the Cayman Islands.  Our 14,000+ sq. ft. showroom, the largest on the island, boasts a variety of mid to high-end home furnishings.  We showcase the quality products and impeccable craftsmanship of distinguished manufacturers such as Drexel Heritage, Pearson, Lexington, Bernhardt, Bassett and many, many more.

Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed and we continually strive to be the very best at what we do.  We meet each client’s individual needs and work very hard to ensure their total satisfaction with every facet of our business.  Our highly skilled and experienced staff is able to support our clients in general interior design / decorating projects, space planning, window treatments / installations, wall coverings, renovations and project management. 

In 1999, we added a kitchen/bath cabinetry and flooring divisions to meet increasing demand in the marketplace.  A natural compliment to our traditional business, the addition of these two divisions has helped us to become a “one-stop-shop” for all your home d├ęcor needs.

Open Monday through Saturday, and able to deliver orders to our clients 6 days a week, we’re confident you’ll find everything you need at Woods Furniture & Design.  Stop into Woods today and find out why we’re so much more than great furniture!

         Tami meets with Sherrill Bushfield (right) at Woods to begin discussions on the interiors

   Once the room layouts have been established it is time to bring in our experienced interiors team from Woods Furniture and design, who will help the client and the development team to start thinking in greater detail about ceilings, trims, accents and the all the myriad of materials that will be used throughout the home. It is your interior designer’s job to stay on top of all the trends, all the changes in lighting and plumbing technology, furnishings, flooring, wall treatments, window treatment options etc, and share all this with the team. We are delighted to have Sherrill Bushfield from Woods with whom to collaborate; she is one of the very best that we have ever worked with!
As mentioned before, it is important to have a clear understanding of the client’s finish expectations before finalizing the major details of the home as these will have a significant impact on the comprehensive budget for the home.

Decisions will have to be taken on finishes, furnishings, window coverings, kitchens and bathroom fittings – all critical to a comprehensive and elegant presentation.

Woods provides consultation on all particulars in the home and will work closely with the architect to maintain thematic elements from door to door. I you really want a polished product this is a wise investment.

Sherrill suggests a storage solution for the In-law suite.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Intro To Subcontractor Partners

Ok, we are at the end of March and we have finished the architectural set and are ready to meet with all our subcontractor partners on the project – you will see all their logos on the right hand side of the blog. Many of those logos will connect back to their company websites and we strongly encourage you to visit their sites! While you are at it please visit our new Phoenix Website (inset here somehow) to read some more about this iconic cayman construction company – 30 years of first class work being celebrated in 2011!
Our Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Subcontractors will work closely with us to integrate their individual designs into the drawing set that will be submitted to Planning for approval and then Building Control for permitting. Unlike commercial applications, homes are reviewed by CPA and BCU concurrently, resulting in (in theory) a quicker processing time for residential applications.  We will be using Millers Plumbing, Quality Electric, and a combination of Home Gas for the equipment and gas line installations and MegaSystems for the AC design and systems installation. Of particular interest will be Home Gas’ input, as our program will incorporate a lot of gas-fired technology in order to cut down on the electricity bill. More on all this later but we do need to meet with Dayne Brady, the Home Gas GM, to integrate his ideas into the design documents.

Dayne and Lem from Home Gas explain to Brad the various options for integrating gas into the home.

Once all the MEP and Structural drawings are completed and packaged up with Icon’s drawings we will be ready to ‘take them downtown’