Thursday, December 1, 2011


....because everywhere in the home final touches are being applied!

It was late afternoon yesterday when the concrete for the driveway arrived but the conditions were perfect for a good concrete pour – cool and slightly wet – and sometimes more than slightly......the guys were troopers last night. Note how we have protected the exterior surfaces of the home with plastic sheeting.

The finished driveway this morning – the concrete has a slightly beige tone added at the mixing plant.

While we are talking about concrete, you will have to see the beautiful finish of the polished exposed- aggregate countertop of the outdoor kitchen! This will be treated with a stone penetrator to keep it sealed. Have to see this in person.

The custom aluminum doors to the pool equipment and the boat equipment storage areas are now installed. Nice, clean and weatherproof.

The trellis system has started to arrive at the jobsite and will be moved into position on the home by hydraulic crane. We are all excited to see what this looks like on the house!

Back inside, Audiophile is running through the complex install options with the homeowner Brad. The rack across from them will contain a large power amp and two complex multi-zoned Audio/Video receivers that operate the multiple outdoor speakers, the multiple HD screens downstairs and the dynamic 3D surround sound home theatre in the next room. There will also be room for the security system and the operables for the multi-camera CCTV system.

Got some Owners Manuals to read Brad!

The 60” 3D screen is installed along with 3 Dynamics wall speakers - add a free standing subwoofer and rear mounted ceiling speakers and the sound will rival a commercial theatre.

The future is here – the touch screen remote control – an almost endless array of options and far more intuitive than you might imagine.